Csákánydoroszló: Fat site in the outskirts. CM04103
8.311 m²15.401 €

Csákánydoroszló: Fat site in the outskirts.

Flat site in calm local peripheral location. Discharge-coagulate at edge of the property. Biotope possible.
  • 8.311 m² Plot size
  • Water
  • AC 230V
  • AC 400V
  • Gas
  • Telephone
Calculation of additional costs:
Purchase price: 15.401 €
Land Tax: 616 €
Certified statement of the land register:1 31 €
Registration fee land register: 20 €
Certified translation:1 157 €
Service fee Casa Mia:1 1.275 €
Costs of contract (lawyer):1 588 €
Total: 18.088 €
This calculation is based on an exchange rate of 323,79 HUF = 1,00 EUR .
1 incl. VAT.

Village Info Csákánydoroszló

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The village at the interstate 8 were first mentioned in documents in 1248. In the forest in north primeval hill graves are located. The dukes Batthány play an important role in the history of the place. After the Turks had conquered the city Kaniza (approx. 100km in the south), the settlement was removed to a fortress. After the Turk wars the fortress was converted again and received the current baroque style. Approximately 1800 inhabitants.